About our 25th conference


The theme of the 25th VBH conference was “a life worthy of the calling“. The conference took place from 23-25 October 2015 in a former halls of residence in Liptovský Mikuláš. Traditionally , VBH conferences used to take place there, especially in the 90s. For gradutates this was a place of nostalgia, wheras for students it was a new place. One of the aims of the conference was for our students to be able to get to know graduates and former students who used to meet up in their groups. Graduates could see that groups they used to be in are still alive and they have carried on in spreading the gospel throughout various generations.

Cassells Morrell, pastor in Gerystones, a member of IFES Europe and a former team leader for IFES Ireland was the main speaker of the conference. Cassells built his talks on the passage from Ephesians 4:1: “live a life worthy of the calling you have received“. Cassells talked not only about our calling, but he also challenged us on the way we live in this world. We were challenged to think whether we live in integrity, whether we are willing to resist temptations and bring fruit. You can listen to his talks here: Talk 1 Talk 2 Talk 3

Practical seminars are always part of each conference. This conference we  discussed themes like: “Christian, friend of sinners“ which was lead by Csaba Tolnai (Contact Cafe Levice),  and “Foreigners-guests in our houses“ lead by Baiba Straus-Kamlere (Friends International, UK). Lara Rose (UCCF Wales) and Baška Muchová (VBH) lead a seminar called “Objavuj“ ( a seekers Bible Study booklet translated from English, originally called Uncover ) on how to read the Bible with seekers.
Csaba Tolnai challenged us Christians in whether we are willing to accept people around us just as they are and show them love in a non-judgemental way which could open the door for sharing the gospel with them. Baiba, a Friends International worker, introduced international community in England and showed us ways in which we can introduce the gospel of Jesus Christ to people from other countries and cultures. Objavuj (Eng.- Uncover) is a new evangelistic project of VBH. Objavuj helps our students read and study the gospel with their friends who are looking for answers to life´s big questions but who do not know how to read  the Bible.

 VBH evening added to the richness of the conference. It was a time when participants learnt something about current situation in VBH groups and listened to testimonies from students.
Students prepared posters and presented their groups. The atmosphere of the anniversary conference was enlivened by a VBH birthday cake in shape of a book.

General board meeting that takes place every four years was also part of the conference. It was connected to the elections of board members and to the elections of a general secretary. The elected board members:  Monika Meltzerová, Peter Kozár, Peter Synak, Radovan Švarda, Martina Ostricová a Martin Adame. Martin Mražík was elected to be the general secretary and because of this he is also a board member.

The conerence also brought about space for informal conversations. Workers of Children´ mission Andrea Sabolová and Ľuboš Marhofer looked after children of the participants. Worship was accompanied by EVS band which contributed to a lovely atmosphere of the conference.
We are glad that student mission VBH has existed for 25 years and we believe that the future will continue in awareness of our calling to live out the gospel wherever we live, study or work.