TeoTest - help with evangelistic conversations

I find the GodTest (TeoTest - Slovak translation of the GodTest) probably the most helpful and encouraging tool for evangelism. In my experience, it's been an incredible facilitator of starting a conversation with strangers or people you wouldn't normally be bold enough to approach with evangelism. One of the greatest advantages is that it eliminates any discomfort, hesitation, and stress one usually feels about evangelizing - due to:

1) the format (questionnaires usually grab attention and attract people). I've noticed people are actually very interested in doing the "test" and sharing their opinions and worldview (even those who are normally repelled by the idea of talking about God!!), they themselves sometimes ask to go through the booklet with them, which has encouraged
me even more (and leaves no opportunity to give in to hesitation or reluctance )

2) the fact that you are just listening most of the time (passively challenging them, making them think and come up with answers/questions/doubts that prepare and ease following Gospel presentation) hence you don't need to worry about being eloquent or
particularly persuasive in presenting your point -> amazing stress relief:),

3) opportunity to represent Christ by genuinely listening and caring about the person you talk to, thus building some sort of relationship (or becoming closer in the case of existing relationship) and loving them, rather than coming across as a "salesman" of your own religion,

4) the flexibility - ability to tailor the questions according to what you'd learned about the person, which makes the conversation very natural and doesn't put pressure to strictly follow the rigid pattern/the same formula for different individuals. I've found it very helpful to remember and use these questions also in the conversations (including "unrelated") with people you already have a relationship with.

The testimonies from the training were particularly encouraging and gave me an idea of how creatively you can use the questions in variety of the situations which on the face of it don't look like evangelism opportunities. The talk was also equipping with the useful extra questions and possible course of the conversation. At the same time, I was (surprisingly) encouraged with the challenging truth that the TeoTest is actually going to continually make me study my Bible more, pray more, and read more, preparing me to expect frustrations about my incompetence and inspiring to grow in the knowledge of my "stuff" and increasingly depend on God.