How to Pray Specifically for the Groups

What about specific student groups in Slovakia

how to pray for ...


Bratislava (capital city)

University of Economics

- for God to raise up leaders,
- for a place to meet,
- for new people,
- for effective leadership,
- that the group would really be a VBH group,
- that we would be able to find a good time to meet outside of school.

Joint group in the UK and VŠMU Universities

- for Sara from Spain, and the new things that her being here makes possible,
- for the conference in Važec which Sara attended,
- for conversations with fellow students and for the privilege of sharing the gospel with them.

- for guidance and wisdom in knowing how to do our meetings,
- for good communication and understanding between each other (that we’d overcome the language barrier),
- for God’s presence and his blessing.



The activities of the group hasn’t restarted, we are in contact with one student

- for the student we are in contact with and her openness to help with everything.

- for new students who will be interested in starting a group,
- that we would be able to get a place to meet so that we’d then be able to invite students to.



Dormitory Nová Doba - Slovak University of Agriculture

- for the students who have come to the Cooking workshop,
- for the opportunity to share the gospel through the workshops,
- for new people who have come this year,
- for Beatka,
- for a place to meet.

- that all our members would understand the mission of VBH,
- that we would be a light to students in the dormitory,
- that we wouldn’t be afraid of the things which God puts on our hearts (serving),
- for zeal in our group,
- for the kitchen workshop.



Dormitory Hlinská street

- for the advertising of our group, that the posters we have put on the walls would speak to those who are looking for the Lord Jesus and for peace with God (Rom 5:1-2), and that it would also speak to those who belong to God and who are looking for Christian fellowship,
- for God’s wisdom and guidance in studying the Bible in our group.



Dormitory of Medical faculty

- that we can meet,
- for a place to meet,
- for solutions to problems and overcoming misunderstandings,
- that we can take part in the UPC (Catholic's pastoral center) program,
- for all the people who have been encouraged through VBH.

- that the vision of the group would be fulfilled,
- for good interdenominational relationships and for all the activities we are planning to do with Catholics;
- for improved relationships in the VBH group,
- for non-VBH activities and new projects,
- for God’s guidance in organising and planning meetings.


Banská Bystrica

Dormitory Tajovského 40 street

- for our university that many people would come to know Christ,
- that in a time of spiritual pluralism, we would remain faithful to the truth and wouldn’t try to “improve” it,
- for the Ponorka project which is linked to our group, where this semester we will be thinking about the theme of homosexuality (speaker Dr. Peter Payne),
- for us, that we would courageously talk to our friends and class mates about Jesus and that we would defend God’s will clearly,
- for people who would be willing to share the responsibility of preparing our meetings,
- for grace for our group that people would be able to see God in everything that we do, even in our failures.



New dormitory 17. November street 11

- for active first years in the group and pray that they would take on leadership of the group and would produce more fruit that those before them.

- that despite our failures and weaknesses, that the Lord God wouldn’t stop stirring our hearts and that we would fall in love with him again and again,
- for searching students in our group, that the Lord would bring them to know him personally,
- for evangelistic meetings, talks and personal conversations with non-believing students, which God has prepared for us this semester.



Dormitory Jedlíkova 9 street

- that the members of the group would understand and embrace the mission of VBH,
- for a regular place to meet,
- that we would grow in faith and in number. 

Veterinary University

- for a student who wants to start a group, and for the opportunities she’s had to talk and pray with her room mate.

- that we would find other students who want to start a group too.

International group

- for around five members all from different backgrounds and church traditions,
- for the opportunity we’ve had to encourage one another through reading the book of Philippians,
- for Iryna, the leader of the group, and that she can attend an IFES conference on mission to International students in March.

- for patience and understanding with one another,
- that we would grow in our understanding of the vision of VBH together as a group,
- for opportunities to share the gospel with our friends.



Please pray that we would find students in this town who can start a VBH group and who will take the gospel to their classmates.