Cooking Workshop

Hello everyone! We are a group of students from university bible group in Nitra and we want to let you know something about our cooking workshops. We meet together every other Tuesday to learn how to cook some great food (our dormitory kitchens have some limitations so we must be creative with our ideas). The main reason why we do this is to involve other students from the dormitory and spend some quality time together. We get to know them and they get to see that young Christians are also "normal people". So we started with a sandwich workshop which was really successful, and to which 7 new students came. For the second workshop we cooked "sweets" and had 7 new people come again in addition to 4 people from last workshop.

To see that people are coming for these events is very encouraging for us.

We believe, that our student group will become a place where students start to feel comfortable and accepted. We also hope and pray for a lot of opportunities to tell them about what Jesus means for us and what He has done personally for us.