An Update from Presov

“God is very very very very good :-) I went for a walk around Torysa today and I was thinking of what I´ve seen Him doing here and it really is incredible!!!”

This is what one of the student leaders in Prešov said in an email this week. We have seen God answer prayers in ways that we wouldn’t have imagined this year. We are so grateful to him for all he has done.

After an encouraging semester last year we started this year in September with a small but enthusiastic group of students. One of the great encouragements of the year has been seeing students who’ve never led a bible study before take their first steps in learning how to lead others to hear what God is saying to us in his word. It has been a joy to see God open students’ eyes to see new and exciting truths about himself as they’ve been reading the bible together.

Another highlight of the year has been Enter, a monthly evangelistic meeting that has been organised together with the local Lutheran youth group. We have looked at themes such as “Why God?”, “Jesus in my life” and “Do all roads lead to God?”. These meetings have been followed up by evangelistic discussions on topics such as “Why does God allow suffering?”, “Did Jesus really rise from the dead?” and “What is the meaning of life”, and also by more in-depth bible studies. It is amazing how many students have attended these events. Many students have made steps on their spiritual journey and are being drawn closer to Jesus. What has also been great to see is seeing the members of the VBH group committed to building deep relationships with these searching students.

The above student leader shared at the end of her email,

“I am really grateful that so many students have had the opportunity to hear the gospel. We pray for God's grace for each of them, that they would come to believe in him.”

Please join with us in this prayer.