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English Discovery Camp 2014

VBH training of group leaders in Važec 2014

Here is one students' experience of our student leaders training weekend.
"One perfect, extended weekend, spent in God’s presence, full of praise, God’s Word and prayer. What else could it be but VBH training in Važec 2014?
When I first saw the place where we would stay for the weekend I saw that it was nice and comfortable. Appearance doesn’t really matter that much, but it was a nice extra. What was really important was what would happen inside. And by that I don’t mean the facilities but the contents of the program and the atmosphere. Immediately after I arrived, once we found where we’d all be sleeping, we were served dinner. I was surprised when I saw that in the kitchen we were divided into groups of 4 which would each help to prepare one of the meals. I was surprised in a good way. I’ve visited a few different places, but I must admit that I’ve never seen guys so willingly take part in “women’s” work. I really appreciated this idea. Before food we always prayed. After our first dinner the rest of the weekend got going.

ENTER evangelistic meetings

The VBH group in Prešov in co-operation with a local church youth group are organising monthly evangelistic meetings in the dormitories, with the aim of giving as many students as possible the opportunity to hear about Jesus. The first meeting in December on the theme “Why God?” was a great success.
Here is what Baška, one of our student leaders said, “the place was full, many people had to stand because we didn't have enough room… we talked for a long time after the meeting ended and some non-Christians who came told me they wanted to come and discuss more… I know that it was God's response to your and our prayers, and above all his enormous grace!” Please pray that God would continue to show his incredible grace to the students in Prešov.

Nicholas Haydock

NicholasOriginally from Buckinghamshire, England, I was brought up going to church from a young age. However it wasn’t until aged 8, I determined to find out for myself if God was real. I committed to read a little of my Bible everyday and pray, if He was there, for Him to come and change my life. He did just that and in a short period of time my character changed, such as I hadn’t been able to do in trying myself.

Through the rest of my school years I learned to experience God with others in the church, growing all the time in my understanding of the bible and what God is like.  After my schooling I studied Biblical Theology, and after working for a bit in between continued to pursue a masters in the same discipline.

New Workers for the Harvest Field

We are grateful for the workers God has provided for this mission. But we would love to see more national staff working with VBH (at the moment only one of our staff is Slovak). We believe that God has provided another worker. His name is Janko Havrila. He graduated from the Bible school in Martin and currently works for TCK Kompas, where he is responsible for evangelism and for the drug prevention programme Exit 316 (LINK BLOG). Janko has been interested in the work of VBH for a long time and we believe that his faithfulness and enthusiasm would be a great help to students here in Slovakia.